Saturday, April 16, 2011

This blog is now on Geneabloggers Blogroll!

I figured since I'll be mentioned on the new blog post today, I'd introduce myself to anyone coming through that link. I'll admit I was a bit nervous suggesting my blog, but my mother convinced me it was a good idea.

My name is Megan Atchley. I became involved in genealogy from almost the time I could read, when my mother would have me looking through indexes and books for surnames, but it wasn't until I was studying for my Bachelors in Historic Preservation at Southeast Missouri State University that I realized I could use my love of genealogical research in my future profession. 

I'm currently working on my dissertation about English, Welsh, and Virginian wills in the 17th century that will result in a Masters degree in Archives Administration from Aberystwyth University. I've done a little professional genealogy work and am still open to requests for freelance jobs. It helps me cover dissertation costs while I am looking for a full-time archivist or genealogist position. 

I started this blog for three reasons: 1) I needed something to occupy my time while I'm at home looking for a job. 2) It will give me some exposure for getting paid research jobs. 3) I love sharing what I've learned and want to get more people interested in researching their family.

My posts so far have been on origins of certain records, free online resources, my own family research, and reviews of Who Do You Think You Are. When I'm bored, I take a random record and try to research someone based on what the record tells me in my Records and Research Series. I have it on good authority that someone has gotten me the first season of the UK Who Do You Think You Are for my birthday this Sunday, which I will then review in detail for those who haven't seen themI'm still trying to figure out what I want to do in regards to posts, but I do hope at least some of it might be interesting to others!

So...welcome to the blog! Feel free to comment or contact me via the form after clicking the tab at the top of the page. 


  1. Stopping by from Genabloggers. Welcome to the Genabloggers community!!


  2. It was enjoyable talking to you on GeneaBloggers Radio. Glad to find your blog!

  3. I'm happy to have found your blog and looking forward to your posts. I think you'll find that once you get going you will have plenty to write about.

    Welcome to GeneaBloggers. I think you will discover you have joined a very warm and wonderful community.

  4. A belated welcome! Looking forward to reading more from your blog.

  5. Welcome to the genealogy blogging community, Megan!