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Records and Research: Edith Elizabeth Eckard (No. 5-9)

This series began with a randomly selected document that contains genealogical information. I will then take that information and outline what we can learn from the document and what I would do next to find more information on the person involved.

Previous parts in this series can be found here: No. 1No. 2, and Part 3-4.

Document No. 5: 1930 US Census
Couldn't find them online. I'll want to cross check this with a city directory and then I can go page by page in the census results. I can also go to the local genealogy section of the library and see if they have an index for this census.

Document No. 6: 1920 U.S. Census
Link: Link (via
St. Louis City, Enumeration District 219, Page 7A
1920 Census, Via
The 1920 Census shows Edith Elizabeth living at 2741A Wyandotte Street with her husband Christian (b. 1875 Missouri) and her daughter Elizabeth (b. 1919 Missouri). She stated that she could read and write, arrived in the US in 1904, and was naturalized in 1912.

Document No. 7: 1910 U.S. Census
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St. Louis City, Enumeration District 192, Page 3B
1910 Census, Via
In the 1910 Census, she is found living with the Harry O. Cook family as a boarder at 6631 Idaho Avenue. Her occupation is machine operator at a shoe factory, and hasn't been in school since at least September 1909. 

Document 8: 1901 UK Census
Marylebone, London, Page 32
1901 Census, Via
Since she's given her immigration date as 1904 twice, it should be safe to directly search for her in the 1901 UK census. We have her birthplace narrowed down to a fairly specific area so we can begin searching in the area of Ellesmere, Shropshire, England. 

In this case, however, it appears she's moved to London and is living with her aunt Elizabeth Broadfield (in my opinion, this could also be Brookfield as well.) at 43 Margaret in the Civil Parish of St. Marylebone, the Ecclesiastical Parish of All Saints, and the Parliamentary Division of East Marylebone, Ward 9. In this document Edith Brookfield gives her birthplace as Cockshutt, which is in the same area of Ellesmere and Shrewsbury. When I confirm her parents names, I would check to see whether she is in London because her parents died or for the opportunity for work. 

Document 9: 1891 UK Census
Cockshutt, Shropshire, Page 17
1891 Census, Via
This is the first census Edith Elizabeth Brookfield would have appeared in. This time she is found in Cockshutt, Shropshire, England with her parents John and Mary Ann Brookfield, and her siblings John, May, Eleanor, and Joseph. John Brookfield, his wife Mary Ann, and their eldest child John were born in Middle, Salop (another name for Shropshire). Her father is a saddler.

Next Steps: Now that I know where she was in census years, I should proceed to looking up immigration records since I know she traveled back to England in 1923 and her initial immigration was in 1904. City Directories for St. Louis can fill in details on the years between the census, and of course, there is her obituary that needs to be found.

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