Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Forming a Research Request

An article I wrote, "5 Tips for a Successful Research Request," appeared in the Nov/Dec 2009 edition of Ancestry Magazine. I submitted it because I saw the need to make a research request quick and easy on the patron and archivist/librarian/volunteer doing the research.

Given that I am now procuring business for genealogical research through this blog, I felt it time to write further on the matter to promote clear communication between myself and clients. If you want me to give you an estimate on a project I suggest using this template in an email so that I can get back to you quickly. Please click the contact me button at the top of this blog to fill out the contact form.

Client Name:
Known Facts:

Here is a sample bid request:

Client Name: Megan Atchley
Objective: Who are the parents of Irene (nee Stephens) Rodgers?
Locations: Stoddard, Missouri, USA; Mississippi, Missouri, USA
Known Facts: 
Irene Stephens
b. Abt. 1902 Missouri
m. Samuel Pleasant Rodgers 22 Feb 1917 Stoddard, Missouri
d. 26 Dec 1973 Bernie, Stoddard, Missouri

I don't know if she had any siblings, and I can't with certainty find her with her parents in a census! Can you help find out their names and basic information?

Link to Family Tree:
Deadline: Open.
Budget: $150-200

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